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Earn £1,569 Profit At Horse Racing's Most Prestigious Festival Events

"Within Less Than 30 Seconds... You Can Secure HUGE Profits From Horse Racing Festivals While The Average Punter Takes Home Nothing More Than Sad Memories & An Empty Wallet"


I’ve taken care of all the complicated stuff, all there is for you to do is follow my bets and then collect your winnings!


15th March - Cheltenham Festival Day 1 Winners

15/03/2022 (14:10) Cheltenham - Edwardstone 11/4 - WON +£275.00

15/03/2022 (14:50)  Cheltenham - Our Power 11/1 (EW) - 5th PLACED +£60.00

15/03/2022 (15:30) Cheltenham - Honeysuckle 8/13 - WON @ 8/11 +£72.73

We have made a profit on the past 5/7 Grand National main events:

15/04/2023 - 17:15 Aintree - Delta Work 9/1 EW (6 Places) - LOST -£100

09/04/2022 (17:15) - Any Second Now 10/1 (EW) - Finished 2nd - PLACED £50.00

FWC - Grand National 2022 - Winner - 2022-04-09

10/04/2021 (17:15) Aintree - MINELLA TIMES 9/1 (11/1 SP) EW - WON £660.00

FWC - Grand National 2021 - Winner - 2021-04-10


06/04/2019 - (17:15) Aintree - JURY DUTY 16/1 EW (6 Places) - LOST -£100

14/04/2018 (17:15) Aintree - TIGER ROLL 10/1 EW - WON £600.00

FWC - Grand National 2018 - Winner - 2018-04-14

08/04/2017 (17:15) Aintree - ONE FOR ARTHUR 14/1 EW - WON £840.00

FWC - Grand National 2017 - Winner - 2017-04-08

09/04/2016 (17:15) Aintree - RULE THE WORLD 33/1 EW - WON £1,980.00

FWC - Grand National 2016 - Winner - 2016-04-09

5/7 Grand Nationals we profited from since 2016

Check out the Grand National 2023 day, we didnt pick up the national winner like we did in previous years but we still made a solid £520.91 profit on the 15th April 2023 with 3/7 winners:

15th April 2023 - 3/7 Winners +£520.91

13:45 Aintree - Jonbon 4/11 - Win - WON @ 10/1 +£30.91

FWC - 2023-04-15 - Winner 1

14:25 Aintree - West Balboa 5/1 - Win - WON @ 5/1 +£500.00

FWC - 2023-04-15 - Winner 2

15:00 Aintree - Springwell Bay 11/1 - Each Way - LOST -£100

15:35 Aintree - Sire Du Berlais 13/2 - Each Way - WON +£390.00

FWC - 2023-04-15 - Winner 3

16:15 Aintree - Beauport 5/1 - Win - LOST -£100

17:15 Aintree - Delta Work 9/1 - Each Way - LOST -£100

18:20 Aintree - Pour Les Filles 5/1 - Win - LOST -£100

We Made £520.91 Profit (15th April 2023)

Here's all of my Aintree Festival winners since 2016:

The Grand National Festival 2021 (+£1,227.50 Profit)

08/04/2021 (14:20) Aintree - MONMIRAL 11/10 - WON £110.00

08/04/2021 (14:50) Aintree - CLAN DES OBEAUX 3/1 - WON £300.00

08/04/2021 (15:25) Aintree - BUVEUR DAIR 10/1 E/W - PLACED £50.00

08/04/2021 (17:15) Aintree - ME TOO PLEASE 9/1 (14/1 SP) E/W - WON £840.00

09/04/2021 (14:50) Aintree - CHANTRY HOUSE 6/4 - WON £150.00

10/04/2021 (13:45) Aintree - TEA CLIPPER 7/1 (8/1 SP) E/W - PLACED £30.00

10/04/2021 (14:25) Aintree - MY DROGO 13/8 - WON £162.50

10/04/2021 (15:00) Aintree - FUNAMBULE SIVOLA 14/1 E/W - PLACED £125.00

The 2021 Grand National Chase: WINNER

10/04/2021 (17:15) Aintree - MINELLA TIMES 9/1 (11/1 SP) E/W - WON £660.00

The Grand National Festival 2020


The Grand National Festival 2019 (+£652.20 Profit)

04/04/2019 (14:20) Aintree - PENTLAND HILLS 11/4 - WON £275.00

04/04/2019 (14:50) Aintree - KEMBOY 5/2 - WON £250.00

05/04/2019 (16:40) Aintree - CHAMP 11/4 - WON £275.00

05/04/2019 (17:15) Aintree - MCFABULOUS 2/1 - WON £240.00

06/04/2019 (13:45) Aintree - BURBANK 25/1 - PLACED £262.50

06/04/2019 (15:40) Aintree - ROKSANA 10/1 - PLACED £50.00

06/04/2019 (16:20) Aintree - KILDISART 8/1 - WON £500.00

The Grand National Festival 2018 (+£4,200.04 Profit)

12/04/2018 (14:20) Aintree - WE HAVE A DREAM 2/1 - WON £200.00

12/04/2018 (14:50) Aintree - CLAN DES OBEAUX 8/1 - PLACED £50.00

12/04/2018 (15:25) Aintree - L'AMI SERGE 5/1 - WON £500.00 

12/04/2018 (16:40) Aintree - DOITFORTHEVILLAGE 10/1 - PLACED £75.00 

12/04/2018 (17:15) Aintree - GETAWAY KATIE MAI 15/8 - WON £187.52

13/04/2018 (14:20) Aintree - LALOR 14/1 - WON £875.00 

13/04/2018 (15:25) Aintree - POLITOLOGUE 11/1 - WON £687.52

13/04/2018 (16:40) Aintree - SANTINI 6/4 - WON £150.00 

14/04/2018 (13:45) Aintree - MR BIG SHOT 7/1 - WON £700.00 

14/04/2018 (14:20) Aintree - MOMELLA 10/1 - PLACED £75.00

14/04/2018 (15:00) Aintree - DIEGO DU CHARMIL 5/1 - WON £500.00 

14/04/2018 (15:40) Aintree - THOMAS PATRICK 3/1 - WON £300.00

The 2018 Grand National Chase: WINNER

14/04/2018 (17:15) Aintree - TIGER ROLL 10/1 - WON £600.00

The Grand National Festival 2017 (+£2,262.14 Profit)

06/04/2017 (13:45) Aintree - FLYING ANGEL 5/1 - WON £500.00

06/04/2017 (14:20) Aintree - DEFI DU SEUIL 4/7 - WON £57.14 

06/04/2017 (16:05) Aintree - DINEUR 16/1 - WON £960.00 

06/04/2017 (17:15) Aintree - OSCAR ROSE 20/1 - PLACED £150.00 

07/04/2017 (13:45) Aintree - THOMAS CAMPBELL 8/1 - PLACED £30.00 

07/04/2017 (16:40) Aintree - THE WORLDS END 3/1 - WON £300.00 

08/04/2017 (14:20) Aintree - FINIANS OSCAR3/1 - WON £300.00 

08/04/2017 (16:20) Aintree - YANWORTH 9/4 - WON £225.00

The 2017 Grand National Chase: WINNER

08/04/2017 (17:15) Aintree - ONE FOR ARTHUR 14/1 - WON £840.00

The Grand National Festival 2016 (+£3,133.33 Profit)

07/04/2016 (14:20) Aintree - APPLES JADE 3/1 - WON £300.00 

07/04/2016 (15:25) Aintree - ANNIE POWER 4/5 - WON £80.00 

07/04/2016 (16:05) Aintree - DINEUR 50/1 - PLACED £450.00 

08/04/2016 (13:45) Aintree - SKY KHAN 25/1 - PLACED £200.00 

08/04/2016 (14:20) Aintree - BUVEUR DAIR 10/3 - WON £333.33 

08/04/2016 (14:50) Aintree - NATIVE RIVER 11/2 - WON £550.00 

09/04/2016 (15:40) Aintree - THISTLECRACK 2/5 - WON £40.00

The 2016 Grand National Chase: WINNER

09/04/2016 (17:15) Aintree - RULE THE WORLD 33/1 - WON £1,980.00

£11,475.21 Made On Aintree Festival Alone

Covers major Ascot, Goodwood, Grand National meetings

Made on average £1,569 per festival

Tips are delivered for more than 35 UK Horse Racing Festivals per year!

Winners as high as 33/1

5/7 Grand National wins (2016-2023)

All major and popular smaller festivals covered

Check out a couple more standout winners from Cheltenham 2023:

14:50 Cheltenham - Corach Rambler 6/1 - Win - WON +£600.00

15:30 Cheltenham - Sire Du Berlais 22/1 - Each Way - WON @ 22/1 +£1,320.00


Well-Advised Tips From A Seasoned Festival Man In The Know!


Tips are sent around 10:30 am (GMT) on the morning of festival days and also accessible via secure members tips link on the day of festival racing.

Finally! A Quick and Easy Method to Beat the Bookie on the Big Stage in just 5 Minutes each day!!

Whether you are a professional punter or you’ve never bet on horses in your life 

Each year festivals such as Ascot, Cheltenham and The Grand National light up the horse-racing calendar and Festival Winners Circle takes centre stage of the betting world...

From The Desk Of: Matthew O'Malley
Date: Thursday, 10th March 2022

With Punchestown Festival just around the corner I thought it time I address the discerning public once again.  If there’s 2 things I can’t abide as a punter its false promises and losing runs.

The feeling that what you have been promised and what you’re delivered are 2 completely different things.  The feeling when everything you touch turns to dirt and nothing goes your way.  The worst thing is that to know this we must have experienced it.

So called betting "experts" who promise to deliver the world and when it all goes horribly wrong, out roll the excuses. You can lose a LOT of your hard earned cash fast.

Those large bets you know you shouldn't have placed, losses you should never have chased, and tipsters in whom you wished you’d never put any faith - You'll know too well that crushing feeling in your stomach when things fail to go to plan.

How some people win so easily, and others seem to lose effortlessly??

The truth is there is a method to success but it’s not universal. Certain bets apply to certain festivals just as certain horses prefer certain ground.

In Understanding This You Will Soon Realise The Sky’s The Limit!

It may come of no surprise to you that those making money on the horses are those who place with poise and consideration.

If you're wondering why you struggle to get the winners then allow me to say IT ISN’T YOUR FAULT!

The most common reasons why you aren't yet winning big are:


Bookies are renowned for being tricky to beat


Most tipsters DO NOT know what they are doing


You are not applying the correct method

Nothing wrong with that. It’s not something that comes naturally it is something that is learned.

Everybody knows the age old adage “THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS”.

That’s because beating the house is incredibly difficult.

They profit from the herd as most punters like a cheeky bet with low expectations of winning.

Following tipsters can be equally profitable for both the bookies and the tipsters but not you.

Some begin okay but you quickly find your profits dwindling as the tipster's form sinks and suddenly you can’t buy a win for love nor money.

Finding a winning betting strategy amongst all the rubbish is like finding a needle in a hay stack!

But if you DO want to make money from betting on the horses then read on as I am about to show just how to do exactly that…

What I want to give YOU is a completely new and different approach...

It's a real opportunity to join the winning side and start using that withdraw button on PaddyPower a whole lot more than you are!

This is going to be the most enjoyable horse racing year you will ever know and the beauty of all this is the fact it won’t even take much time.

With the correct information you can be armed and ready to make a killing at the Grand National, Glorious Goodwood, Royal Ascot and much more

Here Is How Easy It Is...



We Will Send Your Selections With Plenty Of Time To Place The Bets



Selections Are Given With Clear Instructions How To Bet, Match Details And Odds Available



Watch Your Betting Balance Steadily Grow And Either Reinvest Profits Or Cash Out

Why we are called the Festival Winners Circle...

I have heard hundreds if not thousands of stories about friends or friends of friends who have found the key to betting success, only to me mislead by tipsters promising the earth and delivering zero in return.

I can count on one hand the services I would actually recommend to deliver betting selections you could profit from.

I regularly come across people who have been offered awful betting advice and sadly they’re taking advantage of a lot of good people who simply want access to regular winners and to make a few quid.

With Festival Winners Circle I endeavour to deliver you a profitable, no-nonsense service


£1,569 profit in 5 days - Make on average £1,569 over the racing calendar festivals to keep your bank balance healthy.


Strike Rate of 47.5% - Forget long losing runs. Our average strike rate in 10 years has been 47.5% which is more than impressive.


Reliability - We don't take unnecessary risks. We only tip what we calculate is a smart bet.


Great Support - We are only an email away whatever the query.

Yes, but I've heard all this before... Why should I trust you??

I've been betting on horses for 18 years and have previously made over £150,000 in profit betting on the wide-open festivals. This service has many happy members who come back year after year when the crowds gather at the most prestigious racecourses in the world.

With Festival Winners Circle I have developed a method for turning you into a REAL winner and ensure you are always one step ahead of the bookies.

Whatever your level of knowledge or background in betting THIS SERVICE WORKS.

If you have ever wanted a genuine tipster who really cares about your success, whose prices you can get on at, who gives you regular winners with zero hassle then this is for you.

Fully tested since 2011 you can be sure a membership in the Festival Winners Circle will deliver huge profits.

Take a look at just some of my member feedback...

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Forget the previous tipsters you've trusted with your time and money who no doubt have produced little in the way of profit or expertise. Festival Winners Circle is your key to profit this racing season.

And don’t just take my word for it. Or theirs…

We are certain you’ll love our service. That’s why i've made it available for literally pennies.

Festival Winners Circle is fully tested and proven to work since 2011.

I have spent years perfecting my methods as I believe YOU should get the very best tips and support which is why I set up Festival Winners Club I the first place.

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Alongside my Festival Winners Circle service, If you sign up today you will get my VIP exclusive IRISH service bonus (Limited)

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Delivered on Irish Festival Days

You get selections delivered for all races

Average Odds of Between 2/1 - 6/1 for WIN bets and around 10/1 - 30/1 for EW

Selections Delivered Via Email

Host & Support by Best System Bets

FWC - Irish Festival Winners

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much money do I need to invest everyday?

Answer: You can start with as little as £0.20 per bet when using bookmakers like Betfair, Bet365 and all the major popular brands.  You can click here to find a bookmaker in your relevant location.

Q2. How much time do I need to spend each day using this service?

Answer: The Festival Winners Circle selections are sent to you on the morning of event days via email, just open your inbox and place the bet sent. It takes no more than 30 seconds to place the bets on festival days.

Q3. Will I win on every festival?

Answer: No, it is unrealistic to expect to win everyday. There will be periods with lots of winners and periods where the service picks up a few losses. As we focus on a high strike-rate with value included on the bets, we tend to always end each festival event with a profit and some high-profile events with a substantial profit.

Q4. How many selections does Festival Winners Circle provide on festival days?

Answer: Festival Winners Circle provides you with tips for every single race on the festival days racecards. You will get on average around 6-7 selections on festival days depending on how many races are available.

Q5. What about Customer Support?

The Festival Winners Circle dedicated customer support team will be at your beck and call. Just send in an email into support@festivalwinnerscircle.com with your query, and you will be answered asap or within 12-24 hours.

Well-Advised, Festival Tips From A Seasoned Veteran In The Know!

This method WILL WORK for anyone regardless of your history in betting.

I’ve taken care of all the complicated stuff, so all there is for you to do is follow my bets and then collect your winnings!

This is the easiest money you’ll ever make!

Join my service for the next 12-MONTHS or secure a HUGE LIFETIME discount

FWC - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Because this is a once in a lifetime deal and I'm not willing to give too many discounted trial places away as it's better for me to price the service much higher and deal with fewer customers so I can ensure a higher quality support.

When I have all discount subscribers signed up, the price will be available on monthly subscription only at a minimum price of £399.95 per year (annually).


I want you to take my offer seriously so I will offer you a membership for only £79.95 for every 12-months!

That is an incredible deal and you get to see just how valuable my service can be!



Tips are sent around 10:30 am (GMT) on the morning of festival days and are also accessible via secure members link.


My discounted options will only be available for a short-period of time.


I want to join the Festival Winners Circle and I agree to the terms.

Only £119.95 £79.95 Annually or just £119 for Lifetime Access!

Only £119.95 £79.95 per year or £199 £119 for Lifetime Access

The discounts will be available for a short-time only

"My billing statement will show a charge from ClickNetPro LTD, If I take any of the subscription options I can cancel the service at any time via the secure billing portal"


You MUST act extremely fast as places for this service are extremely HIGH we will only be letting you join this service at the discounted rate for the next few days.

You can get started as soon as tonight in making FAST CASH with Guaranteed Betting, become one of the Elite Punters of today with my 100% Guidance And Commitment to you.

See you inside the winners enclosure…

FWC - Matthew O'Malley - Signature

Matthew O'Malley - FestivalWinnersCircle.com

PS. The sooner that you join Festival Winners Circle the quicker you will be able to start making PROFIT from each and every UK and Irish horse racing festival all-year round.


There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Gambling is very risky and careless gambling can result in the loss of substantial sums of money. For further information on responsible gambling, or if you think you may have a gambling problem, please visit GamCare or Gamble Aware

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